Your September Home Maintenance Checklist

    Not sure what needs done around the house this month? Get ready to ring in fall with this September home maintenance checklist.

    1. Repair leaky faucets.
    Even if your pipes aren’t in danger of freezing because you live in a warmer climate, now is a great time to make any repairs to your faucets. You’ll thank yourself later when you avoid more costly repairs.

    2. Sweep the chimney.
    Built-up soot can increase your risk of a chimney fire or cause excess carbon monoxide to enter your home. Keep in mind—fall is a busy season for professional chimney servicing companies. The sooner you get on the schedule, the better.

    3. Change your furnace filters.
    Furnace filters should really be changed out every month, but if you’re forgotten about the task all summer, it’s never too late!

    4. Fix walkway cracks.
    If inclement weather may be coming your way in the coming seasons, you’ll want to fix walkways while the weather is still mild. Fix cracks, uneven walks and any other trip hazards to keep your family and guests safe from injury.

    5. Clean and repair siding. 
    Depending on summer’s weather patterns, your siding could be looking pretty worse for wear right now—we’re talking mildew, dirt and more. Check for any warped or damaged areas for repair and break out the cleaning supplies.

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